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About the Authors

Reuben Maestas

Reuben Maestas is a disabled veteran
who served during the Vietnam era.
As a result of that he suffers from extreme
PTSD and is riddled with pain. Reuben says what
has helped him is his writing and illustrating books.
When things get to be too much he starts
to write down the crazy characters in his head.
That’s how he came up with the character
for his book Silly Smiling Snidely. He’s a silly
snake who only speaks words that start with the letter S.

Before Reuben started writing his first book,
he was a fitness therapist. This proved
to be an excellent job for him while he could
still do it, as he says it helped him as much
as it helped his clients. As his pain and disability
increased he eventually had to give that up.
Fortunately he found an outlet for his disability
by writing and drawing. Reuben comprised his first
book, which happened to be a children's book.
Silly Smiling Snidely was his first published book
and he has several other projects he's working on.

Reuben is currently working on the sequel to Silly
Smiling Snidely. Again it is very challenging but
he is having a blast working on it.
Stayed tuned for updates!

Lucy Maestas

Lucy Maestas has been married to Reuben
for almost 33 years and says, ‘it’s been lots of fun
married to such a talented person and because of
Reuben we have been involved in so many adventures
throughout our life together, I can‘t imagine my life
without him, he is constantly making me laugh, life
would be boring without him that’s for sure!”

Silly Smiling Snidely is a children’s book that
Reuben has been working on for around 30 years,
he would start working on it for a while and then
get frustrated and put it away for years, then
he would get motivated again and start drawing again,
this is where I come in, finally about two years
ago I helped him to get serious about finishing it.
The wording for Silly Smiling Snidely was no easy
task; it was very difficult to come up with sentences
that made sense only using words that start with the
letter S. We are very proud of the outcome. We have
had so many people and especially teachers say what a
wonderful and yet educational book for all ages to enjoy
and it is most enjoyable to read.

Lucy says of all the things Reuben has gotten them into
this was the most challenging yet fun project to date.
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